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Loss Chart on: T0768

Day or Night of operationOperationTargetNickname
2/3 Aug 40BombingHamburg
FactoryAircraftMkSerial/Wnr.Call SignUnitAir ForceTO/tAirfield
VickersWellingtonIcR3202KO-J115 SqdnRAF2124Marham
TimeCause of the CrashCrash LocationDamageProvince
0200Probably hit by Flak over targetDitched in the Waddenzee near RottumeroogWaddenzee
SourceMag / PageAdditional sources
Chorley W.R. 'Bomber Command Losses 1939-1940'95SGLO losses '39-'41 for location; Gevleugeld verleden p.23/24 by Ab Jansen; Archive H. Welting for crew data
FunctionMil RankIniNameHonMil regAir ForceCemeteryGraveRemark
PilotP/O.R.T.Gerry41013RAFOldebroek45Washed up Rottumeroog 23 Aug 1940
Second PilotP/O.R.W.Pryor42723RAFUithuizensw cornerFound at sea 20 Aug 1940
ObserverF/Sgt.R.J.Ruffell-HazellDFM359517RAFRunnymede Memorial11
Wireless Operator/ Air GunnerSgt.J.Dempsey640266RAFDelfzijlB 21 287Found at sea 23 Aug 1940
Front GunnerSgt.J.M.Croft635759RAFRunnymede Memorial13
Rear GunnerP/O.S.J.S.Wilde76931RAFDelfzijlB 21 285
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