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Loss Chart on: T1112A

Day or Night of operationOperationTarget
14/15 Jul 41-Hannover
FactoryAircraftMkSerial/Wnr.Call SignUnitAir ForceTO/tAirfield
VickersWellingtonIIW5534LQ-N405 SqdnRAF2230Pocklington
TimeCause of the CrashCrash LocationDamageProvince
0210Shot down by NF Oblt. H-K. Kamp of III/NJG 1Crashed at AvereestOverijssel
SourceMag / PageAdditional sources
Chorley W.R. 'Bomber Command Losses 1941'92"Van Grasmat tot Fliegerhorst" p.401 for location, NF and time; Archive H. Welting for crew data
FunctionMil RankIniNameHonMil regAir ForceCemeteryGraveRemark
PilotSgt.D.B.Thrower904944RAFSurvivedpow, escaped, pow
NavigatorSgt.V.R.J.Slaughter958689RAFSurvivedevader, pow
Wireless opSgt.E.Jones643332RAFSurvivedpow
Air gunnerSgt.W.C.Dossetter1376867RAFSurvivedevader, pow
Air gunnerSgt.J.N.KirkR/51830RCAFSurvivedevader
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