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Loss Chart on: T1187

Day or Night of operationOperationTarget
14/15 Aug 41-Hannover
FactoryAircraftMkSerial/Wnr.Call SignUnitAir ForceTO/tAirfield
VickersWellingtonIcR1016JN-A150 SqdnRAF2145Snaith
TimeCause of the CrashCrash LocationDamageProvince
0320Hit by Flak over TexelCrashed in the IJsselmeer 2 km w of WorkumIJsselmeer
SourceMag / PageAdditional sources
Chorley W.R. 'Bomber Command Losses 1941'118SGLO losses '39-'41 for location and time; 'Luchtoorlog boven zuidwest Friesland' p.68 by J.J. v/d Meer
FunctionMil RankIniNameHonMil regAir ForceCemeteryGraveRemark
Co-PilotSgt.H.H.M.Barton1377210RAFLeeuwarden1 4
Nav / BombardierSgt.E.W.McConchieRNzAFSurvivedpow
Wireless opSgt.H.DodsworthRAFSurvivedpow
Wo agSgt.C.DaviesRAFSurvivedpow
Air gunnerSgt.J.W.WhittinghamRAFSurvivedpow
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