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Loss Chart on: T1480

Day or Night of operationOperationTarget
14/15 Apr 42-Dortmund
FactoryAircraftMkSerial/Wnr.Call SignUnitAir ForceTO/tAirfield
VickersWellingtonIcZ1098KX-U311 SqdnRAF2225East Wretham
TimeCause of the CrashCrash LocationDamageProvince
0410Shot down by NF Uffz. Schienbein I/NJG 1Crashed at Boshoven near WeertLimburg
SourceMag / PageAdditional sources
- Prien J, Rodeike P, 70\\'The sky is our ocean\\' on 311 Sqdn p.56/57 for detailed crash report
FunctionMil RankIniNameHonMil regAir ForceCemeteryGraveRemark
Co-PilotSgt.O.Havlik787521ChAFEindhovenJJ 48
ObserverF/O.M.Zapletal 82535 ChAFSurvivedpow
Wo agSgt.P.Varjan787901ChAFEindhovenJJ 50
Wo agSgt.J.Talab787892ChAFEindhovenJJ 49
Air gunnerSgt.J.Klvana 787271 ChAFSurvivedpow
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