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Loss Chart on: T1895

Day or Night of operationOperationTarget
31 Oct 42-Emden
FactoryAircraftMkSerial/Wnr.Call SignUnitAir ForceTO/tAirfield
VickersWellingtonIIIBK360JN-150 SqdnRAF1040Kirmington
TimeCause of the CrashCrash LocationDamageProvince
1315Believed to be shot down by Fw 190 Ofw Heesen 5./JG 1Crashed De Polle Steenwijkerwold, 6 km n of SteenwijkOverijssel
SourceMag / PageAdditional sources
Chorley W.R. 'Bomber Command Losses 1942'252"BC Losses 1942" p.252 for location and time
FunctionMil RankIniNameHonMil regAir ForceCemeteryGraveRemark
PilotW/O IIA.G.MakayR/86164RCAFWillemsoordO 3
Co-PilotF/O.W.A.Tolmie120617RAFWillemsoordO 5
ObserverSgt.J.G.Cocks1384870RAFWillemsoordO 6
Wo agSgt.J.A.Fuller412322RNzAFWillemsoordO 4
Air gunnerF/Sgt.C.R.PattonR/110977RCAFWillemsoordO 2
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